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Our water comes from one of the many springs of the Ngorongoro escarpment. With help from the Selela Village Government and from young Maasai we have laid pipes from the spring high up the hills down to our camp and to a subvillage of Selela. Now our Maasai neighbours can tap fresh water closer to their ‘bomas’ (Maasai village)


This first cooperation for fresh water has subsequently led to the support of some village children, enabling them to attend secondary school after their primary education. Although education is free for primary school, parents still have to pay for books and a uniform. For secondary school they have to pay ‘school fees’ as an additional expense. As a consequence the childrens' formal education usually stops after primary school


With the development of Ol Mesera Tented Camp since 2005, we have created local job opportunities. Most staff members are from Selela, some from Mto wa Mbu and our cook is from Mwanza. We aim to employ locally and educate and engage the local community in our work

Local business

Currently we are setting up cooperation to connect local businesses with the global market. We aim to create understanding of and access to global consumers so products can be manufactured locally. This way value is added to raw materials on a local level which gives the producers a fair profit margin. More information about our textile project will follow soon


We buy most of our supplies locally to support shops and workmen in Mto wa Mbu. Also we try to minimize waste and use for example obsolete manure of Maasai bomas for our vegetable gardens

Solar Energy

Our installation of solar energy has inspired our Maasai neighbour to install his own solar panel. Now he has electrical lighting at night and he charges mobile phones of his neighbours for a small fee

Our staff will happily show you around and tell you more about our unique location and environment.